Exhibition Stand Courier, Setup, Installation & Dismantling Services

Transporting and Setting up your Exhibition Trade Stands

Trade Stand Setup & Transportation

We have many years’ experience supporting exhibitors at conferences, corporate events and shows.

We understand the time-critical nature of these events, and we will work with you to ensure that your presence at the event runs smoothly.

We offer a complete service including set up and breakdown of your equipment, display stands, leaflets, literature racks and any related requirements you have.

If you need additional transport or forward journeys – we will accommodate all your requirements – let us know what you need.

Stand Dismantling

Stand Transportation

Stand Setup

Ready for your show!

Set up/Dismantle

Whether you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show, roadshow or other events, we can take care of everything from start to finish.

Free up your staff to focus on what they do best and let us take care of your stand set-up and dismantling.  We deliver whatever you need on time to the venue and set up your stand however you want it. We’ll return at the close of the event, dismantle everything and carefully pack it ready for next time.

Transporting and setting up

As experts in exhibition freight, we understand how important it is that your material arrives in the right place at the right time.  We can help, whether you’re shipping a couple of pallets or a truck-load of kit.

We specialise in handling the tricky jobs that others might find difficult. That could be delivered at a specific time, collecting out of normal business hours or transporting directly from one show to the next. But whatever we do our prices are competitive and our service is second to none.

trade stand courier setup services

The Expert Trade Stand Assembly Team

Exhibition services provided at Celtic Manor, Newport

trade stand courier setup assembly

We recently transported a trade stand from a large convention centre and moved it to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales.

Your Trade Stand. Your Event. Your Business. Fully Transferred.

Managing the trade stand transportation process

We will arrange for the pickup and return of your stand to your premises, we will also ensure it is assembled to your specifications anywhere or at any time throughout the UK or Europe. Take the hassle out of storing and transporting your exhibition equipment by letting us do the hard work.

Safe and Secure Trade Stand Storage

Take advantage of our storage service where not only will we assemble and dismantle your stand at the events you attend, but also safely store it until you need the system again.  We offer all of our clients secure and clean storage facilities where we can house their exhibition stand and graphics between shows.

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Exhibition Event Details

Date of Event

Fleet Vehicles Used

Peugeot Expert S Standard Blue HDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

Lincolnshire courier fleet Peugeot Expert S Standard BlueHDI 95 EU6 Short Wheelbase

These vans deliver reliability and build quality in a medium-sized van package offering a modern and attractive style.They deliver good load capacity, many with a load-through bulk head allowing you to make maximum use of the space.

Payload: 1118kgs this vehicle can hold 3 euro pallets

Load Length=2512m,
Load width=1628mm
Load Volume=5.30m3

We currently have 2 of these vehicles on our fleet at present.
Price per mile=£1.20p per mile

Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI LWB HR EURO 6 Extra Long Wheelbase

Lincolnshire courier fleet Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI LWB HR EURO 6 Extra Long Wheelbase

For businesses facing the challenge of transporting large or bulky equipment panic no more, Our 4M XLWB panel vans represent the best in this category from leading manufacturers, popular for their practical and reliable nature.

A benefit of our high roof vehicles is the additional space they offer, whilst still being practical for the road and able to navigate most bridges, multi-storey car parks and other potential obstacles.

Payload 1129kgs

Load Length=4300mm
Load Width=1780mm
Load Volume=1.00m3

We currently have 4 of these vehicles on our fleet at present.
Price per mile=£1.30p

Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Lowloader

Lincolnshire courier fleet Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Lowloader

Our Peugeot Low Loader vehicles are mainly used for removals work and were we need to transport larger items, we also use these vehicles for a two man delivery work.

They have a cubic capacity of 20 meters cube, door height of 1860mm and a massive payload of 1500kgs.

We have two of these vehicles on our fleet.

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