• November 28, 2018

Working in North London, fitting out shops

north london shop fitters

Working in North London, fitting out shops

Working in North London, fitting out shops 581 530 Dane Harper

Did you know we operate a lot throughout North London?  We really do – it’s a big part of our business.  Our team encompasses a vast array of expertise from fully qualified and experienced electricians, to registered gas engineers for the heating and lighting.  Then there is the design and fitment of your store.

It takes a lot to create a store: our North London Shop Fitting service takes care of it.  The design of the store.  Layout of the background elements that aren’t seen by customers.  Clever stands and highly bespoke designs makes our job an amazing and valued proposition.  We love it.

We have setup stores on High Streets in North London, as well as in major shopping centres, where the store is setup ‘behind closed doors’, to transform an empty space, into a fully recognised brand.

commercial North London shopfitters service

We provide such London Shop fitting services for customers like Debenhams, House of Fraser, Betty & Co (behind Betty Barclay), Menlook and many more.  Each day is different.

If you would like to talk to us about your store, please use Livechat in the lower right corner, or call us on 0333 577 5212, or contact us via email.