• January 15, 2019

Trade Stand Setup Livechat Enquiries

Trade Stand Setup Livechat Enquiries

Trade Stand Setup Livechat Enquiries 150 150 Dane Harper

How many companies out there who can setup, transport, store, and refit your Trade or Exhibition Stand can chat with you about it, LIVE?

trade stand setup livechat

We at Destiny feel that a live conversation with you, from any device you want to use, is a service that is quite unique to us.  With some companies you have to call them.  Or email and wait a day or two.

Unique Livechat Trade Stand Modern Service

Indeed, you can call us on 0333 577 5212 to make an enquiry about your Trade Stand Setup, or drop us an email.  But isn’t it a really smart, modern way to do business – do click that link and chat with us… LIVE.  This won’t be with some robot system, but a live person.  Someone who can really help, who can book your enquiry, and get your business running.

trade stand support livechat


Trade Stand Show Support Livechat

So don’t worry about anything – just click the link or come and say ‘Hi’, and let’s chat about your next Trade Stand project.  We are here to help set up your next show!

If you prefer to just drop us an email, complete this form and we will get back to you soon.