• January 11, 2019

Creating a new Shop Interior

shop fitting and stripouts

Creating a new Shop Interior

Creating a new Shop Interior 959 666 Dane Harper

When you move to a new retail outlet and it needs stripping out first – or you move to a new store and it’s a blank canvas on which to create your brand, what is the company you need to contact to get setup?  Destiny Lincs Ltd: Shop Fitters.

At Destiny, we work with a brilliant team of tradesmen who design, layout, customize and build your shop interior to absolute perfection.  Whether it is all woods, plastics, recycled materials; if you have very specific lighting, LEDs, Strip Lights, Halogen lights; if the flooring has to be a specific carpet, custom made, or you have your own … this is where Destiny Lincs Ltd steps in to make it all happen.

Shop Stripout

Sometimes the store has been left as is and it basically needs emptying.  We work with your building owner if requested, to stripout everything in that store.  It can either be reused, recycled, or we just take it off your hands and handle it ourselves.

This is all done professionally, with great courtesy to all parts of the store.  It’s even down to the wallpaper, so that you have a clean and fresh store on which to place your store’s mark on the place!  Our Commercial Stripout service is one we are very proud of, and has been used by a variety of high street retailers including House of Fraser, Debenhams and many others.

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Let’s build your shop

The next phase – after the design and planning has gone ahead – is to build your shop.  To take all the paneling, parts lighting, heating if necessary, carefully place it in the store and begin work.  Our tradesmen start the highly specialised work of cutting, fitting, and that whole processing of ‘creating your store’.  It all begins takes shape.

There is a whole lot of work involved, with the various staff there doing their specific job on your store.

It’s quite a marvel to witness it happening, seeing your shop fitment going ahead.

If you need a new shop fitting, or your an existing retail outlet stripping out, give us a call.

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