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Trade Stand Setup Livechat Enquiries

How many companies out there who can setup, transport, store, and refit your Trade or Exhibition Stand can chat with you about it, LIVE?

trade stand setup livechat

We at Destiny feel that a live conversation with you, from any device you want to use, is a service that is quite unique to us.  With some companies you have to call them.  Or email and wait a day or two.

Unique Livechat Trade Stand Modern Service

Indeed, you can call us on 0333 577 5212 to make an enquiry about your Trade Stand Setup, or drop us an email.  But isn’t it a really smart, modern way to do business – do click that link and chat with us… LIVE.  This won’t be with some robot system, but a live person.  Someone who can really help, who can book your enquiry, and get your business running.

trade stand support livechat


Trade Stand Show Support Livechat

So don’t worry about anything – just click the link or come and say ‘Hi’, and let’s chat about your next Trade Stand project.  We are here to help set up your next show!

If you prefer to just drop us an email, complete this form and we will get back to you soon.


Hydro Arena Glasgow Trade Stand 1080 552 Dane Harper

Hydro Arena Glasgow Trade Stand


Here is a Trade Stand Service we set up at SSE HYDRO ARENA GLASGOW.  We set this up for Designworks Ink.

We transported the stand from London to the SSE Hydro in Glasgow – and set it up.

The event went really well and was very busy.  The brand for Designworks Ink was strong, along with the staff at the stand talking to their customers.

At the end of the event, we took the stand down, then transported all the stand, and all equipment back to London.

hydro arena glasgow trade stand

If you are looking to have a trade stand setup, couriered to a new location, and moved from A to B, give us a call on 0333 577 5212, and we will arrange it all for you.

trade stand dismantling
London Trade Stand Work 611 440 Dane Harper

London Trade Stand Work

We have recently been involved in many trade stand jobs, where we are disassembling and reassembling very complex trade stands at various events, shows, Exhibitions and Conferences.

We have handled stands for some well known names including Portakabin, and transported stands to places like the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster, London.

Complex Trade Stands – installed and assembled for you

Some stands are highly complex, with little cupboards, coloured sections that must be fit in the exact right place, while others are much simpler.  We handle them all, and show the client the final result and prepared to make final tweaks.

Our Trade Stand Setup service is renown for being as cost effective as it comes in this business.  Plus we have a team that has so much experience, we make the process totally stress free for the client, who is thinking more about the Show, than about “is it setup ok?”.

Here is a small gallery of some of the events and shows we have done for many varied clients.

If you need a trade stand setting up, or have worries about how the process works, please do call us.  We are here to help, guide and get your Trade Stand working properly at your next show.

celtic manor resort Newport
Celtic Manor Resort Exhibition Setup 1000 596 Dane Harper

Celtic Manor Resort Exhibition Setup

We transported a trade stand from a large convention centre and moved it to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport South Wales for CH&CO Independant at the show – Tomorrow’s World: Global Citizens.

exhibition courier setting up
It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother 700 433 Dane Harper

It’s Exhibition time – Making the Transportation Smoother

Setting up Exhibiton Stands can be a drain.  If your stand is small, it’s quite straightforward, but if it is a rather grand looking stand, for vehicles, games graphics and demonstration areas, or even rather more varied stands with complicated setups – wow it’s not easy!

We make Exhibition Stand Transportation Easy

Destiny is the company for you – our great many years of experience in setting up these stands, as well as taking them down, and carefully packing them away for the next show, will transform how you run your show!

We understand the time-critical nature of these events, and we will work with you to ensure that your presence at the event runs smoothly.  These Exhibition shows never close just at the right time.  There can be delays, but when you are setting up, that can be NO DELAYS; it has to be done right, at the right time, and above all, SAFELY.

Some exhibition stands require health and safety to be uppermost in your minds.  So we have it in our minds too – ensuring everything is done correct and, “by the book”, so that when your customers and ‘possible customers’ come to your stand, you know that they are safe and will hopefully enjoy their time in your presence, viewing and understanding your business.

exhibition delivery services

Our vehicles are fully equipped to be there at the point you need us, to store your valuable goods in the vehicle ready to be shipped to the next show.

We take care and pride in your show, like you do

These stands are expensive.  They can be elaborate and cost a lot of money to design and have built.  We fully appreciate this, which is why we are renown in the industry for doing some an amazing job for so many companies.

If you have a show coming up, an exhibition that you are going to be launching something new, or you just need a company to take your stand to the varied exhibition halls throughout the UK – call on us.  We are much more than a “man with a van”, which are a highly specialised company handling a great many varied projects.

Click the livechat in the lower right corner to chat to a member of our team.  Tell them where you are going.  What you need moving.  What will require setting up, and we will manage the rest.

Or call: 0333 5775212.

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